• Fishing PVA

    The use of PVA continues to be popular with today’s angler, there are many other uses for PVA than just bagging up some bait tying it on your line and casting it...

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  • PVA Mesh

    PVA mesh it’s so versatile and easy to use with devastating effects. There are two different sizes wide and narrow. Wide PVA mesh • Small boilie bag – This is great for...

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  • PVA Bags

    PVA Bags These can be used in the same way as the PVA mesh but no need for a plunger or to tie knots in them. You can either hook them straight...

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  • PVA String

    PVA String and Tape There are lots of easy and simple ways these can be used to great effect. •  The easiest and most common is the stringer – Thread approximately 4...

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  • PVA Nuggets

    PVA Nuggets If you want to gain a competitive advantage when fishing and take out the doubt that your rig is hidden, snagged or tangled under the water then PVA nuggets are...

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